The following terms and conditions manage of dealing and business practices of the Texas Laser Cleaning website and its content, services, and products throughout the website. Texas Laser Cleaning is owned and operated by Texas Laser Cleaning and it adheres to your acceptance of these terms and conditions unchanged. The following are the terms and conditions for Texas Laser Cleaning.

Adherence to the Terms and Conditions

We advise you to read through the terms and conditions properly before assessing Texas Laser Cleaning and using its website’s services. By using and browsing through the website, you have adhered to the terms and conditions and are bounded by them. If you are in disagreement with any of these terms and conditions then you are advised not to assess or browse the website.

Website’s Privacy Policy

Texas Laser Cleaning privacy policy is written to explicitly explain the policy that Texas Laser Cleaning adheres to. For further information, our customers are advised to visit the privacy policy page.

Providing Necessary Information For

If you have decided to shop at Texas Laser Cleaning, you are required to fill out the following necessary information for processing the bill and delivery of the product – your credit card number and type, your residential address, email address, phone number, and other necessary information. After the processing of your order, this information will not be stored and a copy of the receipt will be sent to your provided Email address.

On-site Inaccuracies

In the case of any typographical errors – such as misinformation, inaccurate description, incorrect number in stock or availability of the product, and pricing. Texas Laser Cleaning reserves all rights to correct the information presented on-site without any former notice. In case of purchasing a product with inaccuracy in the price or description, the customers are compensated with a refund or exchange.

Use Of Comments, Reviews, And Feedback In Testimonials

Texas Laser Cleaning reserves all rights to our customer’s comments, reviews, and feedback to present and post as testimonials.


Use of Texas Laser Cleaning Services

Usage of Texas Laser Cleaning website and all of its services fall under the license limited, non-transferable, revocable, and non-exclusive license, and anyone using Texas Laser Cleaning website and its service is subjected to the following conditions and restrictions – Texas Laser Cleaning website will not take responsibility of its customer in case of illegal activity or breaking of the law in any state, our customers are responsible for paying the bill, delivery fees, and taxes relating to Texas Laser Cleaning services. In taking any nature of action, Texas Laser Cleaning will make use of the Email platform for any and all legal or business-related discussions or news.